Process Mode

FullCount’s Process Mode was custom designed to streamline tray service operations for senior living communities. By utilizing this feature, you can take multiple orders at once, place them on hold until ready to prepare the food, and then process at one time. This eliminates the need for manual entry and helps to reduce errors in…

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Hidden Benefits You Didn’t Know About

While running your senior living community, you are always looking for ways to improve operations and increase sales. One important tool you can use to achieve these goals is a Point of Sale system. And if you haven’t upgraded to FullCount, now is the time to do so. FullCount is designed to streamline your business…

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Digital Seniors and Transportation

Group of Seniors in Rideshare

Digital Seniors: Time to go Virtual? Talk to a Senior in your life (or if you are a Senior) and you’ll learn three things near and dear to them: 1. They want independence2. They don’t want to be a burden3. They don’t want to be shut in Transportation is closely linked to those three priorities,…

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