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Why Trust FullCount Education Enterprise Solutions?

FullCount got it’s start by providing scalable and customizable solutions for senior living communities. FullCount has developed some of the most flexible and easy to use systems that are trusted by more than 700 communities and growing.


We’ve translated that expertise to bring K-12 schools, colleges and universities the same level of customized functionality, service and trusted support to meet the unique needs of your campus.

Easy. Accurate. Efficient.

Designed to elevate campus dining options through thoughtful solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of your institution.


The technology in your campus dining halls can make or break the experience. Improve your dining operations with FullCount Education by implementing a solution that is ideal for K-12 schools, colleges and universities.


From flexible payment options to customizable meal plans, the right dining solution for your educational setting should offer ease of use for both students, staff and management. FullCount Education delivers on those needs, taking your educational dining experience to a new level.

Tackle diverse needs across your campus

Offer tailored solutions that will elevate your dining operations.

FC Education Icon_MoneyCollection

Support multiple meal plans for a flexible solution that meets the unique needs of your campus.

self serve

Mix and match with cashier mode and self-service kiosks to add flexibility and efficiency to your dining halls.

FC Education Icon-Mobile Order

Mobile app to increase student engagement and allow mobile ordering.

FC Education Icon_Table

Table-side ordering available for efficiency and improved customer experience.

Comprehensive Hardware Solutions

Available options for every environment.

FullCount Hardware Options

Management Solutions

Spend more time creating dining experiences, not reports.

FC Education Icon_White_MenuManagement

Centralized menu management to manage and change menu items and information across your platform.

FC Education Icon_White_ImportExport

Automatic customer data imports and billing file exports so your team is not slowed down with the mundane.

FC Education Icon_White_TaxManagement

Complex tax management and elaborate reporting for key insights across your operations.

FC Education Icon_White_MultiDepartment

Multi-venue, multi-dining & non-dining functionality for maximum versatility built into your solution.

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