Resident Self-Service Portal

Resident Self-Service

Your residents want to keep track of their expenses in your senior living community. Their adult children also want to check in on their parents' well-being from making sure family members have enough money to cover expenses, if they're missing meals, or if they're taking advantage of other services your community has to offer.

The solution: The FullCount Resident Self-Service portal. Offer your residents and their families instant, secure access to the information they want, when they want it—reducing or eliminating accounting surprises at the end of the month. FullCount increases your operational transparency and opens communication between your community, your residents, and their families.

What Residents and Families Can Do With FullCount

  • Look up past purchases and account balances
  • Get real-time answers to account-related questions
  • Monitor purchasing behavior over time
  • Use information to budget and plan
  • Residents can order takeout or delivery meals