FullCount FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FullCount compatible with our residents' existing room entry cards or key fobs?

FullCount can use bar code, RFID, and magnetic stripe scanning to identify your residents. In most cases, FullCount will be compatible with your existing identification technology.

Does FullCount offer a mobile option?

Yes. In addition to the register area, the FullCount software can also be accessed via a mobile tablet that can be taken right to your residents’ dining table.

What are FullCount's deployment options?

You can choose hosted development, which enables FullCount to keep your system current and operational at all times. If your Internet connection is weak or unreliable, FullCount can offer on-site deployment of the software.

Where can FullCount be used?

FullCount can be used in any department throughout your senior living community for any type of point-of-sale purchase. For example, FullCount can be used in your community's dining room, salon or spa, convenience store, and gift shop. It also can be used to accept payment for resident activities, services, and transportation.

Can we print customized receipts from the FullCount system?

FullCount can create custom receipts with a variety of information, including remaining account balances, meal plan usage, overages, or other relevant information.

Does FullCount allow for discounted meals or purchases?

FullCount can accommodate discounted meals or purchases in any situation.

Can FullCount accommodate transactions in different locations on the same meal plan?

FullCount allows residents to choose between different dining rooms to purchase meals under their meal plan.

Can FullCount handle guest or carry over meals?

FullCount can be customized to accept guest meal purchases. If your senior living community allows residents to carry over meals into the following month, FullCount can easily monitor their monthly purchases to calculate carry overage amounts.

Can FullCount accommodate multiple meal plans?

FullCount can be fully customized to fit your community's needs. For example: If each resident at your community requires a different meal plan, FullCount can accommodate that.

Will FullCount integrate with our current resident billing and accounting systems?

FullCount is highly customizable and can integrate with most third-party billing and accounting systems.