Easy Check-in Module for Self-Service

At FullCount, we understand the importance of making every moment count in the senior living industry. That's why we would like to highlight our long-standing Check-in mode, designed to transform how residents interact with buffet-style bistro and dining room experiences.

Seamless Self-Service at Its Best

Imagine a world where your residents can effortlessly breeze through their dining room experience without any hassle. Our Check-in Module redefines convenience by allowing residents to utilize a self-service kiosk with a quick check-in, by assigned number, RFID, or barcode scan. No more waiting, no more selecting reasons for their presence – just a simple scan and off they go to enjoy their meals.

Efficiency, Redefined

With FullCount's Check-in Module, the process is as swift as it is smooth. Residents simply approach the self-service kiosk, scan their personal barcode, and they're ready to dive into the delectable offerings. This not only eliminates the need for dedicated servers to check residents in, but also ensures that residents can fully immerse themselves in their dining experience without any interruptions.

Why Choose FullCount's Check-in Module?

Seamless Transition: Transitioning to self-service has never been easier. Our Check-in Module seamlessly integrates with your existing setup, ensuring a hassle-free implementation.

Time Savings: By eliminating manual check-ins and the need for residents to spend time selecting reasons for their visit, our module maximizes efficiency, allowing residents to focus on what truly matters – enjoying their meals and socializing.

Personalized Experience: With the power of technology, FullCount's Check-in Module offers a personalized touch, enhancing resident satisfaction by making the dining experience smoother and more tailored to individual preferences.

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