FAQ | FullCount System and Support

Yes! Our meal plan settings are comprehensive to ensure we can handle a variety of meal plans simultaneously.

Yes! FullCount can integrate with most third-party billing and accounting systems.

Yes! We support our system 24x7.

Yes! Our system allows up-to-date, instantaneous reporting on member balances and activity.

Yes! FullCount can be used in any department throughout your community to capture transactions. Dining room, salons, spas, convenience store, and gift shops frequently use FullCount and you can also accept payment for activities, services, and transportation.

Yes! And you have full control of the settings behind these capabilities to accommodate your community’s specific rules.

Yes! Your tax rules can be automatically and accurately managed with FullCount.

Yes! Residents and loved ones can view their account information conveniently from their own devices using our online resident portal.

Yes! You can schedule a variety of reports to be automatically ran using your selected parameters.

Yes! From our resident portal, customers can place online orders from the comfort and safety of their rooms. You can also utilize this feature for maintenance requests.

Yes! FullCount offers a reservation module that incorporates directly to the touchscreen.

Yes! FullCount offers a variety of options to customize receipts, including remaining account balances, meal plan usage, overages, or other relevant information.

Yes! With our comprehensive and customizable settings, you can setup discount programs easily.

Yes! We have a variety of mobile hardware options.

Yes! FullCount can use barcode, RFID, and magnetic stripe scanning to identify your customers. In most cases, FullCount is compatible your existing identification technology.

Yes! The system allows for kitchen requisition tickets to be sent to printers, kitchen display screens, or both!

Yes! Our robust touchscreen settings allow for self service environments so customers can easily navigate the system themselves.