Senior Living Integrations

FullCount is proud to have the most extensive list of industry-leading partners among senior living Point of Sale systems.

EHR & Billing/Accounting Systems

Resident Engagement Platforms


Integration Methods


Admit/Discharge/Transfer (ADT)

Automate the addition, modification, and termination of account records in FullCount based on data obtained from your existing databases. Update your existing EHR or billing system, and subsequently, have the information automatically synchronized with FullCount.

Ensures records are accurate across multiple systems for improved resident experiences, smoother transitions, and reduced errors while saving labor and frustration for your team.

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Billing File

Quickly and easily generate a billing file that can be seamlessly imported into existing third-party billing systems.

Streamlines your billing process by minimizing manual data entry and ensures billing accuracy.



API Connect

FullCount data is pulled by your existing Resident Engagement Platform so your residents can conveniently view FullCount account balance and transaction information within one solution

Reduces the need for residents to access multiple systems or tools, improving resident satisfaction.

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Single Sign On

Residents seamlessly navigate from an existing Resident Engagement Platform to the FullCount Resident Portal with the click of a button to view account information and interact with advanced features, such as Online Ordering and Reservations.

Simplifies your resident interactions via a convenient path to FullCount features without having to log in multiple times.

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Effortlessly create a file that can be imported into current third-party payroll systems with ease.

Saves time and reduces the potential for errors, making the entire payroll deduction process more efficient and streamlined.

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