Online Ordering - Integrated and Convenient

Online ordering is an optional piece of the FullCount Resident Portal. Each portal has its own URL and customers are issued a username and password by their community.  Using their own internet-connected device, residents log into the portal to place online orders.

Customers use their own devices to access the resident portal and send their orders to your kitchen via internet. You can use the same menus and workflows as your in-person dining departments or setup separate behavior for online orders. The settings and functionality is very customizable and can even be used for non-dining departments.

Customers conveniently place orders from their own devices within the FullCount resident portal. The orders are routed through a print server device via internet.  Customizable settings for processing the order are available to fit your community's needs. Orders can be sent to print/display in the necessary departments immediately once placed, at a specific time, or relative to a requested date/time.

You have control of what customers access online ordering. Residents, employees, and guests can utilize online ordering if it fits your community’s guidelines.

While placing an order, customers can add any individual who shares their meal account or guests, according to your community guidelines.

Communities have great control over the online ordering settings. You choose which departments, times, menus, and parameters residents can order within.

Online ordering seamlessly processes orders and closes on the customer’s account following your community’s guidelines. The system automatically checks item and customer type to determine if it is allowed on the meal plan, tax rules, pricing, and more.

The online ordering does not integrate with other systems currently, but we have an available Resident Portal API integration, which allows for the possibility to host our portal within existing community portals.

Yes! Many of our communities utilize online ordering for other departments such as housekeeping and maintenance requests.

Yes!  Just like our touchscreen application, online ordering automatically checks item type and customer type combinations to understand what should be taxed and how.

Customers can enter their email to receive a receipt or if their device is connected to a printer, they can print a physical copy.

We have several communities currently utilizing online ordering. In fact, online ordering deployment and usage in our communities grew over 600% in 2020.

Yes, there is an additional $150 monthly fee.  You also must have the resident portal active in order to utilize online ordering. This feature is well worth the extra fee, as there is an average annual savings of over $100K from online ordering. Click here to view our CBA.

If online ordering is implemented with a new project, there is no additional setup time. For existing communities wishing to add online ordering, you can implement the new feature within 2-4 weeks.

Contact our Customer Solution Specialist to begin the process.

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