Resident Portal - Convenient Service

Customers access the portal via their own devices via internet.  Each community portal has its own URL and customers are issued a username and password by their community.

Customers can view their account and balance information, transaction summaries, and usage details quickly from the convenience of their own device.  Optional features such as reservations and online ordering are also available.

Yes! This is a very popular feature that many of our customers have chosen to provide their residents and employees with added benefits and convenient service.

We do offer an optional Resident Portal API integration, which can host our portal within select existing resident engagement/community platform systems.

There are small settings that you can adjust to customize your portal. Additionally, you have control of who has access to the portal by sharing the URL and account information.

Yes, there is an additional $50 monthly fee.  This feature is well worth the extra fee, raising resident satisfaction and lowering labor costs significantly.

If your resident portal is implemented with a new project, there is no additional setup time. For existing communities wishing to add on the option, you can implement the new feature within 1-4 weeks.

Contact our Customer Solution Specialist to begin the process.

James Lahart
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