Convenience and Customization in Senior Living

Senior living communities are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance the experience of their residents. In this pursuit, 365 Retail Markets, a leading provider of self-service technology solutions, has introduced two groundbreaking products to the industry, PicoCooler and Stockwell 2.0, designed specifically for breakrooms and convenience stores. With their advanced features and convenient functionalities, these products offer a range of benefits to both residents and community management. Furthermore, the partnership between 365 Retail Markets and FullCount, a provider of resident portal and management solutions, holds the promise of even more seamless integration in the future.

Stockwell 2.0

PicoCooler and Stockwell 2.0 are set to revolutionize the breakroom and convenience store experience.

These products provide residents and staff with convenient access to a wide range of food and beverage options, snacks, and other everyday essentials right within their community. This eliminates the need for residents to travel outside the premises for basic necessities, promoting convenience and a greater sense of independence.

These smart self-service solutions allow community management to customize the product offerings based on residents' preferences, dietary needs, and local preferences. From specialized dietary options to locally sourced products, PicoCooler and Stockwell 2.0 cater to the unique tastes and requirements of the senior living community, ensuring user satisfaction.

Featuring intuitive touchscreen interfaces, PicoCooler and Stockwell 2.0 make it easy for users to browse through available products, access nutritional information, and make selections. With clear visuals and user-friendly navigation, these systems ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all residents, including those with limited technological proficiency.

Real-Time Analytics and Inventory Management:

The integration of advanced analytics and inventory management enables communities to gain valuable insights into residents' preferences and consumption patterns. This data can inform future product offerings, improve stock management, and identify trends leading to more informed decision-making and enhanced resident satisfaction.


Future Integration with FullCount's Resident Portal:

In the pursuit of providing a comprehensive resident experience, FullCount and 365 are exploring future integrations to enhance the functionality and convenience for both residents and community management.

As FullCount and 365 Retail Markets continue to collaborate, the integration between the resident portal and PicoCooler/Stockwell 2.0 has great potential. This integration could enable features such as personalized recommendations based on residents' past purchases, automated payment through the resident portal, and real-time synchronization of inventory data.

Products in action:

Baldwin Senior Living, a FullCount customer, recently implemented a full micro-market for their residents. This addition to their community allowed them to be able to cut down on labor and food costs which gave them the ability to decrease their monthly rent by over 25%. In turn, their application and deposit rates have increased by numbers they haven't seen since pre-covid. What a remarkable transformation!

Standard, dated dining room transformed into modern, organized micro-market.

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