ADT (Admit/Discharge/Transfer) Integration with Vitals

Vitals sends FullCount an HL7 message when an event is generated within their system. Upon receiving the message, FullCount will process the information. If the resident does not exist, a new resident is created. If the resident does exist, the system will update the record with any updated information. If the resident has been discharged, the system will end date the resident and all accounts.

FullCount will populate the following information from Vitals.

  • First and Last Name
  • Apartment
  • Billing ID
  • Birthday
  • Charge Account
  • Customer Type
  • Effective Start Date
  • Effective End Date (when applicable)
  • Portal Username (when applicable)
  • Portal Password (when applicable)
  • Meal plans can be populated if there are rules that can be derived from the data received.
  • Report groups can be populated if there are rules that can be derived from the data received.

The following information is not received by FullCount and must be maintained separately.

  • Custom Fields that are not birthday
  • Photos
  • Meal plans that do not have rules associated with them (resident choice)

Manual changes can be made to resident information. However, if that information is maintained in Vitals, the manual change may be overwritten the next time a message is received. The manual changes that will not be automatically updated will depend on how the integration is configured.

New residents, along with any other updates, will appear in FullCount no later than 5 minutes after the message has been sent from Vitals.

If a plan has rules that can be configured by the system, FullCount can automatically assign a shared plan to residents who share the same apartment. This can be configured on a plan-by-plan basis.

Changes made to residents in FullCount can be viewed on each resident’s record in FullCount.

No. Changes to resident information made in FullCount will not appear in Vitals.

When the integration is turned on, changes to resident information will start occurring in FullCount. This can be verified by searching for new residents, confirming discharged residents have been end-dated, etc.

Yes, other communities are currently integrating data from Vitals into FullCount.

Yes, and a work order will need to be signed by the customer prior to integration. The community will also need to sign the appropriate paperwork with Vitals before the project can begin.

$2,500 one-time setup, and $150/month. Speak to someone from sales and we'll get you set up!

Contact your FullCount sales representative to begin the process and determine if your platform is compatible for integration.
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