FullCount's Largest Install Improves Seniors' Lives

FullCount's recent install at Vi at Bentley Village serves as an example of what is possible when innovation meets commitment. This isn't just a success story; it's a testament to the tangible benefits that the right Point of Sale can bring to your community. If you're interested in the seamless integration of technology in senior living, this story is for you. 


Vi at Bentley Village is the largest of 10 senior living communities under Vi Living’s umbrella. They selected this community for their first install purposefully, as a challenge to us. Not only would this be FullCount's largest implementation yet, this community offered the most complex selection of amenities, departments, and offerings to residents available within Vi's portfolio. A seamless implementation with Vi at Bentley Village would prove FullCount's capabilities across the board.


Implementers Kameron Gray and Nicholas Allen led the charge in installing 49 terminals and tablets throughout the community. In collaboration with our dedicated development team, they worked meticulously to ensure that Vi at Bentley Village's unique requirements were met. This involved close coordination with Vi Living's other systems to guarantee full compatibility and functionality prior to the system going live.


The seamless integration received high praise from VP of IT Operations, Nate Hauenstein, representing Vi Living corporate, underscoring the strategic importance of this pilot implementation. The project received immediate positive impact on operational efficiency and resident satisfaction at the community level, with staff expressing their comfort and satisfaction with the new system.


FullCount making a positive difference for residents and employees in senior living


The success with Vi at Bentley Village's team showcases what is achievable when innovation and commitment converge. It's not just our story; it's a glimpse into how your community will thrive with FullCount's POS solutions. Picture more efficient operations through streamlined transactions, improved dining experiences with effortless ordering, and a stronger community with personalized services. These benefits illustrate the new standard we set together, enhancing both efficiency and resident satisfaction when you partner with us.


We’re grateful for the opportunity to help Vi at Bentley Village on their journey to creating an environment where their residents are happy to call home.


The story isn’t over yet! Stay tuned for an upcoming video showcasing this remarkable journey, and a special thanks to Vi Living for being such an exemplary partner in this venture. Together, we're not just meeting challenges; we're defining new benchmarks for success in senior living.