Transforming Senior Living Dining Operations: A Must-Listen Podcast!

Are you ready to unlock the secrets to running a seamless, efficient dining operation in the senior living industry? Look no further! In the first episode of our podcast, Jay Ashton had the pleasure of sitting down with Elizabeth Calhoun, the Operations Manager of Bishop Gadsden, to delve into their remarkable success story with FullCount—the leading Point of Sale (POS) system designed exclusively for senior living communities.

During this enlightening conversation, Elizabeth takes us on a journey through the unique features of Bishop Gadsden and how they partnered with FullCount to revolutionize their operations to create a dining experience that exceeds expectations.

But that's not all! Elizabeth also shares her experiences with FullCount's integration with their existing accounting systems, resulting in a simplified billing process and significant reductions in reporting labor, freeing up staff to focus on what truly matters—providing exceptional service to seniors.

Are you ready to join the ranks of senior living communities that have chosen us as their trusted partner? Tune in to our podcast and hear firsthand from Elizabeth how FullCount has revolutionized the industry and why we are the unrivaled #1 choice for POS software in senior living communities.

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