The Seamless Integration Between FullCount and Yardi

Connecting technology and healthcare is crucial in senior living. Yardi and FullCount have fostered a lasting partnership to empower senior living communities to be more efficient and deliver higher resident satisfaction.  Yardi offers a software suite including property management and accounting, CRM, business intelligence tools, and platforms for managing care. Combined with FullCount's senior living Point of Sale, you have a collaboration that exemplifies the true power of integration in senior living technology.


How Does The Process Work?

Yardi will place a file containing all resident information on an SFTP server provided by the customer. Every morning, the file will be processed and FullCount will compare each record in the file with the existing database. If a resident does not exist within FullCount, a new resident is created. If the resident does exist, the system will update the record with any new information. If the resident has been discharged, the system will end date the resident and all associated accounts.


What Gets Automatically Updated?

Here is a snapshot of the information that FullCount automatically updates based on the data received from Yardi.

  • Personal Details: First and last names, ensuring accurate identification of residents.
  • Residence Information: Apartment number, streamlining location-specific services.
  • Billing ID: Precise tracking of financial transactions and accounts.
  • Charge Account: Efficient management of resident expenses and payments.
  • Customer Type: Tailored services and billing based on resident classification.
  • Effective Dates: Recording the start and, when applicable, end dates of resident engagement.
  • Portal Credentials: When applicable, login info is generated using a community standard template.

Additionally, FullCount's flexibility shines through in its ability to integrate meal plans and report groups based on rule-derived insights. This not only showcases the depth of automation but also the intelligence that drives it, leading to a comprehensive and customized approach to senior care.

Elevating Senior Living through Integration

The partnership between FullCount and Yardi symbolizes a commitment to elevating senior living operations through cutting-edge technology. By automating the population of key information, senior living facilities can focus on providing high-quality care instead of manual data entry.

As the senior living industry continues to evolve, the FullCount and Yardi collaboration remains a beacon of innovation—a testament to the profound impact that integration can have on streamlining operations and enhancing resident experiences.


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