NEW Mobile Friendly Resident Portal with Reservations

FullCount’s resident portal revolutionizes the way residents in senior living communities access and manage their community information. They are empowered by a personalized experience with features including balance tracking, purchase history, online ordering, and reservations within one easy-to-use platform.

One standout feature of the portal is its advanced reservation system. Residents can easily book reservations for amenities such as dining rooms, community rooms, and fitness centers with just a few taps on their mobile device. This streamlined process saves time and ensures residents access to their desired activities without hassle.  With fully customizable settings, communities have tight control of what, when, and how residents place reservations.

As a company committed to continuous improvement and responding to the needs of the industry, FullCount recently introduced a new party members feature to its reservation system. This enhancement was driven by valuable feedback and insights gathered from community leaders, residents, and industry experts. Recognizing the importance of flexibility and adaptability, FullCount incorporated this feature to provide communities with more control and customization options. With the party members feature, you can set specific limits on the number of individuals allowed to reserve amenities for group activities. This enables communities to ensure fair access to amenities while adhering to capacity regulations and promoting a comfortable environment for all residents.

Furthermore, FullCount's reservation system offers comprehensive settings that allow community managers to tailor the availability, limits, and usage guidelines for each reservation. This level of control aligns reservation policies with each community's unique needs and priorities. For instance, managers can specify the time slots during which certain amenities are available for reservations, set usage limits per resident or household, or establish restrictions on the number of consecutive reservations to ensure equitable access for all residents. By providing these customizable settings, FullCount facilitates a seamless and efficient reservation process while addressing the specific requirements and preferences of different communities. This approach ensures that community managers have the tools they need to manage reservations effectively to maintain a fair and balanced scheduling system.

The resident portal empowers senior living community residents to take control, making their lives easier and more enjoyable. By embracing technology and providing personalized services, FullCount continues to enhance the quality of life for residents in senior living communities. Click here to learn more about FullCount's resident portal feature.