Online Ordering: Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)

CBA - Online Ordering - Summary Results

In the last year, we’ve seen an acceleration in senior living communities adding the option for online ordering for their residents.


In fact, online ordering deployment and usage in FullCount’s® 500+ senior living community customers grew over 600% in 2020.¹


Part of this growth was due to COVID-19 related concerns. However, we had seen a growth rate of over 150% the year before as well, so it is the continuation of a trend.²


For seniors, the ability to order food from their room is an amenity that increases overall satisfaction.

Additionally, we are hearing from our customers that it is a critical component to adding new residents.  Prospective residents have a heightened concern toward their ability to self-isolate now and in the future.


As for communities themselves, COVID-19 has exacerbated an already difficult issue: labor shortages.


Most of our customers are dealing with high turnover and difficulty hiring new staff.


Because of that, the labor saving benefits of online ordering have been very popular.


Online ordering is a win-win for communities and residents.


Together with several communities and based on our internal statistics, we were able to do a Cost Benefit Analysis of FullCount’s online ordering option.


Here are the key takeaways, with more detail below.

The main driver in cost savings is reduced labor staffing costs.

For a typical community, deploying online ordering saves over $10k per month ($122k annually) in labor and support costs.

Residents will use the system.

When communicated and properly trained, 42% of residents will adopt online ordering and embrace it.


CBA - Online Ordering - Table

Proper training includes:


  1. Ensuring all residents have knowledge and access to their user ID and password
  2. Conducting quarterly training sessions with residents as a group, preferably with a large screen
  3. Having a few residents give testimonials at the training meetings about how easy the system is to use
Group 73

The Senior Living Industry Standard

500+ senior living facilities rely on FullCount Point of Sale for integrated reporting, billing, and multiple meal plan management. With COVID-driven features like an online portal for online ordering, and reservations, the time is right to upgrade your system to the industry leader.

1.FullCount internal online ordering cohort (anonymized data)
2.FullCount internal online ordering cohort (anonymized data)
3.FullCount internal online ordering cohort (anonymized data)
4.FullCount internal online ordering cohort (anonymized data)



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