Post-COVID Senior Living Executive Survey Results

Senior living experienced a period of challenges previously unseen with COVID.


Executives and their teams had to come together and address changes in all aspects of senior living.


And now the industry is changing again.

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The results:

We surveyed executives in the senior living industry to learn more about the operational challenges they are facing following COVID-19.


Here’s how they answered.*

Biggest stress going back to full operations?

53% - Labor shortage and staffing

25% - Dining operations

13% - Selling new residents

Dining operation challenges?

70% - Staffing hard to get

13% - Restarting full operations

10% - Unreliable food deliveries and availability

How difficult is it to hire or retain staff this year?

58% - Brutal, very difficult

30% - Difficult

10% - Same as before

Profits and cash flow this year are…

42% -Below Average, Tightening Our Belts

30% - Normal

16% - Above Average, Positive outlook

Policies residents are requesting the most? 

60% - Family Visits

30% - More Dining Hours of Operation

6% - COVID Testing for Visitors

Labor shortage is...

44% - One of our biggest problems

35% - Manageable, but very difficult

14% - Crushing, we have curtailed services and rooms

What are you doing to solve your labor shortage? (All that apply.)

70% - Increasing wages

55% - Training people up

33% - offering more benefits and vacation time

23% - Cutting staffing

Capital for expansion and upgrades is...

39% - About the same

34% - Access is tight

13% - Non-existent

11% - Available and Relatively Easy

Outlook for the senior living industry in general?

57% - At home delivered dining like UberEats and Grubhub

26% - Grocery delivery services like Instacart

Largest long-term competitive threats?

43% - Tougher than normal, but back to normal soon

20% - Tough next few years

20% - Things will get better

10% - About the same

One way to meet a labor shortage is to cut the amount of labor your community needs.


A powerful tool for that is a Senior Living Point of Sale system.


Our studies have shown that a typical deployment of the FullCount POS system in a community with 200 residents (as an example), will reduce labor by 348 hours per month compared to a community using a Non-Senior Living POS system.


Even more powerful, labor hours will be cut by 460 hours per month for a community not currently using a POS system.


The reduction in labor drives down costs and makes operations easier to manage.


Click here to go to our Cost Benefit Analysis tool for a custom calculation of the labor and money you can save using a Senior Living Point of Sale system.

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*Some responses omitted for conciseness and clarity.

Survey results based on 69 senior living executives. 95% confidence interval, +/- 7%.

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