Next-Gen Senior Living Point of Sale Systems

Managing operations efficiently while enhancing resident experiences is the goal for all senior living communities. FullCount strives to aid communities in achieving that goal with a system designed to enrich the lives of residents and staff through innovative solutions.  Let's explore how a senior living Point of Sale is a pivotal tool for community success.


Streamlining Financial Management

Inaccurate and delayed financial reporting is a common challenge, easily remedied by a POS with real-time report generation and customizable reports. Accuracy and timeliness are easy with FullCount, enabling you to make informed decisions quickly, enhancing operational efficiency. Additionally, residents and families can easily access and understand their expenses via their portal, ensuring clear communication and trust.


Enhancing Resident Engagement Via Customer Portal

FullCount’s Resident Portal provides connection and empowerment. This user-friendly portal, accessible from any smart device, is a game changer. It enables residents, regardless of their technological proficiency, to effortlessly order meals, make dining reservations, and manage their accounts. This not only combats feelings of isolation but also significantly enhances their experience, fostering a sense of community and independence.



Round-the-Clock Support for Your Senior Living POS Systems

With FullCount, you have access to our knowledgeable support team 24/7.  No challenges with delayed or inefficient customer service. Your dedicated support team ensures that any issues are addressed promptly, providing peace of mind and enhancing operational effectiveness.


FullCount - Senior Living Solution

FullCount stands apart as more than just a Point of Sale system; it is a holistic solution tailored for senior living communities. Its unique value lies in its ability to prioritize resident satisfaction, operational efficiency, and financial transparency. By choosing FullCount, senior living communities can revolutionize their management processes and elevate the overall resident experience, ensuring a thriving environment where residents feel connected, empowered, and independent.