#1 Senior Living Dining Software

Efficient management of dining services is crucial to ensure residents' well-being and satisfaction in senior living communities. This is where FullCount steps in, offering a groundbreaking Point of Sale (POS) software tailored specifically for senior living dining services. In this article, we will delve into the unique features and benefits that make FullCount the leading choice in senior living dining software, and how it addresses the needs and challenges of this specialized industry.

Senior living communities strive to provide residents with exceptional dining experiences that cater to their individual preferences and dietary requirements. However, managing a diverse range of meal plans, tracking dietary restrictions, and maintaining inventory can become complex and time-consuming without the right tools. This is where FullCount's specialized software steps in, streamlining these processes and transforming the way senior living communities operate.

FullCount's senior living dining software is designed with a deep understanding of the unique demands of this industry. It offers a suite of features that optimize various aspects of dining service management.


Personalized Meal Planning: Effortlessly manage a range of personalized meal plans, from monthly to quarterly, rotating options, and more. Our system streamlines meal plan administration, freeing up staff to prioritize resident satisfaction by simplifying check closures. No more confusion, just quality dining experiences.

Real-Time Menu Management: FullCount enables communities to update menus in real-time, ensuring that residents are always presented with fresh and enticing dining options. This flexibility is especially vital for accommodating seasonal changes and special occasions.

Efficient Point of Sale: The software streamlines the ordering and payment process through an intuitive POS interface. This not only reduces wait times for residents but also enhances staff efficiency.

Reporting: The software automatically generates comprehensive reports at the end of billing periods ensuring all transactions were captured and billed for during that period.



Implementing FullCount's senior living dining software translates into several benefits for both residents and staff:

Enhanced Resident Experience: Residents enjoy a more personalized dining experience that caters to their preferences and dietary needs, leading to higher satisfaction levels.

Reduced Administrative Burden: Staff can dedicate more time to interacting with residents and providing top-notch service, as administrative tasks are automated and streamlined.

Accurate Billing and Payments: The software ensures accurate billing for meal plans and services, minimizing billing discrepancies and disputes.


FullCount's senior living dining software represents a significant advancement in the way senior living communities manage their dining services. With its specialized features, seamless integration, and commitment to enhancing the resident experience, FullCount is poised to revolutionize senior living dining management.

And even better, the benefits extend past dining experiences to other departments across campus! Click here to view our demo and learn more!