Senior Living Tech: The Monarch Landing & FullCount Story

Monarch Landing understands that the integration of technology is crucial for improving residents' quality of life. This led to the adoption of FullCount's innovative Point of Sale (POS) system, particularly its Resident Portal. Their journey towards enhancing resident experiences through technology, not only reflects their commitment to resident-centric care but also demonstrates the transformative role of FullCount's solution in the senior living sector.  Let's explore the evolution of Monarch Landing's dining experience, shared by Sara Caushi, Director of Food and Beverage, in a recent podcast episode.


The Need for Innovation:
Caushi addressed the initial challenges faced at Monarch Landing, and emphasized the primary goal was to upgrade their overall dining experience. She noted, "Our journey with FullCount began with the need to streamline our dining services. We quickly realized the potential of the Resident Portal to go beyond just transactions." To provide optimal service, communities need a system that can offer more than basic POS functionalities.


Introducing the Resident Portal:
FullCount’s Resident Portal is a comprehensive solution offering online ordering, reservations, and account information management. Its introduction at Monarch Landing marked a significant step towards a resident-centric approach. Caushi highlighted, "The Resident Portal put the control into our residents' hands, allowing them to order meals, make reservations, and manage their accounts with ease and autonomy."


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Online Ordering - A Game Changer:
One of the standout features of the Resident Portal is online ordering. This functionality empowers residents to order their meals according to their preferences and schedules. "It’s game-changer. Our residents love the convenience and personalization it offers," Caushi remarked. The ease of use and flexibility provided by the online ordering system significantly enhances the dining experience.


Seamless Reservations System:
The reservations system integrates into the Resident Portal, streamlining the process of booking tables for meals.  "The reservations system brings a new level of organization and efficiency to our dining services. Residents can now book their spots at their convenience without any hassle." This feature plays a crucial role in managing dining traffic and improving service delivery.


Enhanced Account Management:
An essential aspect of the Resident Portal is its account management capabilities. Residents can easily access and manage their meal plans, view transaction histories, and keep track of their dining expenses. "The transparency and control offered by the account management feature have been greatly appreciated by our residents."


The implementation of FullCount's Resident Portal at Monarch Landing is a testament to the positive impact of technology in senior living communities. As Caushi’s experience illustrates, the system has not only improved operational efficiency but has also significantly enhanced the resident experience. It stands as a beacon for other communities seeking to leverage senior living technology for better resident engagement and service delivery.

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