Install at the Regent

Big news from The Regent in Wichita, KS! During their FullCount implementation, they decided to go with a brand-new Kitchen Display System (KDS) – a game-changer that's all about enhancing flavors through an ultra-smooth kitchen workflow! 

Leveling Up the Kitchen Workflow
With the FullCount KDS, The Regent has fine-tuned the rhythm of their kitchen operations. Orders flow seamlessly from front to back, ensuring that every dish dances its way to perfection in record time.

Smooth Sailing, Every Time
Ever seen a kitchen that runs like a well-oiled machine? With our KDS, The Regent’s kitchen crew is in sync like a finely tuned orchestra. Orders, modifications, and special requests? Consider them communicated – loud and clear!

Less Paper, More Flavor
The Regent is not just about serving up deliciousness; they’re also cooking up sustainability. The FullCount KDS eliminates paper waste, keeping the kitchen tidy and making Mother Earth smile a little brighter.

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