Reports and Billing

Reports and Billing

Does your accounting team spend a lot of time answering residents' questions at the end of the month? FullCount simplifies your billing processes while streamlining your back room functions. Generate current reports, invoices, and account balances as needed to quickly resolve your residents' questions.

What You Can Do With FullCount

  • Review real-time billing reports so you can quickly and accurately answer resident questions
  • Simplify the month-end reconciliation process
  • Assign user roles to designate different access levels to system features or capabilities for your staff
  • Customize back office application fields and features

Sample FullCount Reports

FullCount allows you to generate various types of reports to suit the needs of your retirement community. For example, you can:

  • Display all charges by department or resident
  • Display only billed charges by resident
  • Learn which residents have missed meals
  • View individual residents' account-related information, such as account number, resident and billing IDs, or roommates
  • Show residents their monthly balance
  • Create detailed item and transaction reports
  • Generate and print monthly billing statements
  • Compare meal usage by resident and item