4 Impactful Ideas to Benefit Your Senior Living Community

senior living technology

The senior living industry is continuously evolving, driven by changing demographics, technological advancements, and shifting resident expectations. To stay ahead, it’s essential to understand and adapt to these key trends shaping the future of senior living. 1. Technology Adoption and Integration As technology becomes integral to daily life, senior living communities are adopting a range…

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A Solution to Fit YOUR Senior Living Community’s Unique Needs

The senior living industry uniquely blends housing, healthcare, and hospitality to cater to older adults, emphasizing care, community, and compliance with stringent regulations. As a result, many communities struggle to pull off this balancing act – often sacrificing one aspect to satisfy another. FullCount is the perfect choice as a solution to fit your senior living community’s…

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Automated Stores Transform Senior Living

Unattended retail

Senior living communities have long needed a convenient place to get essential food and beverage options. Café or dining setups are limited in their hours, while vending machines don’t provide desired items like salads or sandwiches.  Ideally, these communities need a 24/7, convenient solution that provides a diverse selection of healthy foods, beverages, and every day…

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5 Strategies to a Thriving Senior Living Community

Strong senior living community

In the heart of every thriving senior living community lies a core element that significantly enhances the quality of life for its residents: a sense of community. This fundamental aspect of communal living plays a pivotal role in ensuring not just the physical well-being of seniors, but also their emotional and social health. As society…

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Nutrition Innovations in Senior Living Communities

Senior Living Nutrition

Nutrition holds a pivotal place in the senior living industry because it is essential for managing chronic diseases, meeting changing dietary needs, and enhancing overall quality of life for older adults. It’s time for communities to leverage the power of nutrition not only to provide meals to residents but to improve their satisfaction and health. Let’s…

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Process Mode

Process mode

FullCount’s Process Mode was custom designed to streamline tray service operations for senior living communities. By utilizing this feature, you can take multiple orders at once, place them on hold until ready to prepare the food, and then process at one time. This eliminates the need for manual entry and helps to reduce errors in…

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Hidden Point of Sale Benefits You Didn’t Know About

While running your senior living community, you are always looking for ways to improve operations and increase sales. There are many Point of Sale benefits you could use to achieve these goals. And if you haven’t upgraded to FullCount, now is the time to do so. FullCount is designed to streamline your business operations and…

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Self-Serve Technology Improves Quality of Life

self service

Imagine the difference it would make if your residents could shop for their daily necessities with ease and convenience, right from their own senior living community. No more long lines or crowded stores. With the advent of self-serve technology, this is now possible. 365 Retail Markets, a parent company of FullCount, specializes in self-serve products…

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2023 Senior Living Dining Trends

Shift from Comfort to Variety, Interrupted  As an unexpected side effect of COVID-19, senior living residents began requesting comfort foods more often. In the face of daily unknowns, they craved the familiarity offered by comfort food. With a ‘new normal’ emerging, residents are settling in and requesting broader food options again. In response, operators are…

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Senior Living – The Benefits of Automation

Facing a 15-20 year labor shortage, senior living executives are learning to embrace automation in their operations and encouraging the uptake of automation technologies by their residents. Here’s a sampling of some opportunities to drive down labor usage in your community. Online Ordering Residents can order from their room. Orders conveniently print out right in your…

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