Point of Sale Touchscreen

You can save time and frustration with seamless order processing from our user-friendly touchscreen.


Increase payment flexibility with our platform to process a variety of payment and account types quickly and easily.


Take advantage of custom alerts to serve your residents better. Your customizable notifications could include allergies, dietary restrictions, and more.  Each is tailored to your individual resident accounts.

IL POS Integration


User-friendly screens and
workflow keep staff happy and efficient


Consistent interface across multiple hardware options

Icon4_Improve Workflow

Improve workflow with features such as order hold and item countdown


Custom alerts available for allergies, balances, dietary alerts, and more


Kitchen tickets have crucial table, customer, and server information for accuracy


Item and menu updates are fast and simple


Print customized receipts with account balances, meal plan usage, or other information







Community Purchases

You’ll manage transactions and purchases throughout your community—the dining room, spa, gift shop, salon, or any other location where transactions take place.

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Multiple Meal Plans

You’ll accommodate various meal plans, split dining tickets, and customized receipts for residents.

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Simplified Billing

You’ll get simplified reporting and billing with real-time transaction and purchase information.

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Customized Back Office

You can generate queries, pull reports, print receipts, and display invoices with FullCount's back office capabilities.

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Minimize Questions

You’ll minimize account-related questions from residents, who can look up past purchases and other account information using the FullCount Resident Portal.

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Family Tracking

You can allow families of residents to track purchases, monitor meal plans, or review account balances.

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“I have many years of experience in Senior Dining.

Having FullCount in our community allows me to focus on providing excellent food and service instead of back office paperwork .

The simplicity and flexibility of the system combined with the ability to easily manage multiple meal plans is essential for today’s rapidly changing Senior Dining space.

And the support behind the great system is outstanding. Always responsive, positive, and committed.”

James Puchel  |  Director Of Food And Beverage  |  Fleet Landing

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