FullCount’s Largest Install Improves Seniors’ Lives

FullCount Install

FullCount’s recent install at Vi at Bentley Village serves as an example of what is possible when innovation meets commitment. This isn’t just a success story; it’s a testament to the tangible benefits that the right Point of Sale can bring to your community. If you’re interested in the seamless integration of technology in senior living,…

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5 Strategies to a Thriving Senior Living Community

Strong senior living community

In the heart of every thriving senior living community lies a core element that significantly enhances the quality of life for its residents: a sense of community. This fundamental aspect of communal living plays a pivotal role in ensuring not just the physical well-being of seniors, but also their emotional and social health. As society…

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Labor Crisis: Bad Now and Getting Worse

If you are a Senior Living executive, either an Executive Director, VP of Operations, Dining Director, or Chief Financial Officer, you know your biggest challenge in 2021 is the labor crisis. Most of the statistical analysis for Senior Living has been concentrated in Assisted Living, but with our base of 500+ Independent Living facilities, we…

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Training—Made Easier

Training Staff

When the staff members in your senior living community find out they’re to be trained to use a new technology, you can almost hear the chorus of sighs and groans. After all, learning a new technology often means a steep learning curve, hours of downtime, and plenty of frustration—both for staff members and their supervisors.…

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A Trick to Senior Living Dining

Order with Tablet

What is it? Simply put, it’s a touch screen. Your community can take orders with a Point of Sale enabled tablet in hand. Servers can enter orders tableside in real time, limiting potential mistakes. Print instantly to the kitchen before leaving the table. What the touch screen tablet is capable of: FullCount’s tablet provides a…

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Keeping Tabs on Dad

Even when a parent is enjoying his new life in your senior living community, most adult children would like to occasionally—and unobtrusively—check in on his wellbeing. They may be wondering: Is he regularly visiting the dining room—not only for meals, but also for the valuable social contact? Is he eating enough of the right foods—and staying…

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