Training—Made Easier

When the staff members in your senior living community find out they’re to be trained to use a new technology, you can almost hear the chorus of sighs and groans.

After all, learning a new technology often means a steep learning curve, hours of downtime, and plenty of frustration—both for staff members and their supervisors. It can be particularly difficult to introduce or upgrade a new system that must interface with your existing programs.

All the while, your staff’s attention is focused on the system—and not on your residents.

Reduced Downtime

The FullCount pos for senior living system eliminates the downtime associated with learning new technologies. In just minutes, your staff members can learn to conduct transactions from the easy-to-use touch screen. Once FullCount is interfaced with your community’s account management program, the reports and inquiries your accountants have been generating will take minutes, not days. Because FullCount can be customized to the needs of your specific community, your team members will discover the system supports their operations in ways that are already familiar to them.

Automatic Upgrades

Just as important, as software upgrades are released, FullCount automatically adds them to your system. Your team loses no time implementing new versions of the pos for senior living software. That also means your community is assured of operating with the most current version of the software at all times. 

Prompt Attention

Should you need technical assistance, FullCount treats your request as a priority, providing prompt support for your equipment or software questions and helping to keep your operations running smoothly.

The bottom line: FullCount is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to maintain—giving your staff more time to do what’s most important in your community: keeping residents happy.

Request a 5-minute demo to see just how our POS for senior living software can help your community grow.