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Dining out is relaxing, fun, and often a treat. But if there’s a mistake with the order, the experience can be a huge disappointment. And the reality is that even the most knowledgeable server can make a mistake between taking an order and entering it into the Point of Sale (POS) system.

For residents in a senior living community, enjoying meals in the dining room is similar to a restaurant experience. Residents give their orders and expect their specific wishes will be carried out. However, just like in a restaurant, mistakes can happen, which may reduce resident satisfaction.

One way to cut down on order errors is to bring the POS technology right to the table. Such technology simplifies processes for your dining room and kitchen staff and improves the dining experience for your residents.

Streamline Meal Orders

With FullCount’s POS-enabled tablet in hand, rather than relying on a notepad or their memory, servers can enter residents’ orders in real time, limiting potential mistakes. The technology is designed for order-taking, so it’s intuitive and easy for your staff to learn.

  • Menu items for the particular day or meal are auto-populated across the system and appear on the tablet.
  • Servers can separate tables, seats, and checks within the system. They also can look up residents’ preferences, dietary restrictions, or food allergies.
  • Residents use their security card, key fob, RFID tag, or magnetic stripe card to bring up their account on the server’s tablet.
  • Servers can easily edit an order if residents change their minds.
  • Receipts are customizable to reflect meal plan usage, account balances, and more.
  • Servers can send orders directly to the kitchen or bar.
  • Servers only have to record orders once, giving them more time for resident interaction.

Enhance the Resident Experience

With FullCount’s comprehensive POS system, your staff can help residents be sure they’re making healthy choices. The resident profile will display preferences, food allergies, dietary restrictions, and meal plans, alerting the server to any potential problems with an order. Other benefits for residents include:

  • Account and meal plan balances are readily available on the POS if the resident has questions.
  • Residents can enjoy a meal with friends without worrying about splitting a bill.
  • Residents can change their minds or review their choices before orders are sent to the kitchen.

Adding FullCount’s POS system to your dining facilities can improve the dining room experience for residents and wait staff alike. The enhanced dining experience strengthens your residents’ trust and satisfaction while creating a positive environment for your employees.

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