Simplify your Accounting

Senior living communities offer more services than ever—extensive dining options, stores, salons, spas, and fitness centers. The services may be vast, but they share a connection to residents’ accounts—and to your accounting team.

With an increase in transaction-based services comes added responsibility for your accountants. In addition to managing the budgets and books for the daily operations of the community, they also must manage resident accounts and answer residents’ questions. If these added responsibilities are taking more and more of your accountants’ time, it could be time to streamline your accounting tools with the best POS system for senior living.

Consolidated Records

The FullCount integrated point-of-sale (POS) system consolidates data between your community’s venues and your resident accounts. It not only works on the front end where transactions take place—but also in your back office at your accountants’ desks.

FullCount’s POS system offers many solutions for your accounting team. Topping the list is community-wide reporting. Data from the dining room, fitness center, and other venues can be integrated with resident accounts in the same system. For your accounting team, this means automatically updated accounts—and no more manual entries. That frees up more time to complete essential tasks, and also keeps resident information in one place, which makes answering questions fast and easy.

Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities

FullCount’s reporting features are extensive. These reports make it easy to provide information to residents and their families, which helps your community maintain strong relationships with them. The system is flexible and customizable, enabling you to generate reports for internal costs and transactions, inventories, and budgets. Report functionality can include:

  • Separating charges and output by department or by resident within a specific time period
  • Summarizing residents’ billed charges
  • Compiling resident account information, including account numbers, billing IDs, account balances, and more
  • Producing transaction reports, including dates and times
  • Creating printer-friendly monthly billing statements

FullCount is simple to integrate: Once the POS is installed, accessing the account information requires only an Internet connection. Even better, as it simplifies transactions throughout your community—it makes life easier for your accounting team.

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