Order in the Dining Room

Any of your servers can attest to how hectic things can get during the lunch and dinner rush at a retirement community. Dozens of residents arrive at the same time, creating a bottleneck that can lower levels of hospitality and leave residents dissatisfied.

The residents aren’t the only frustrated ones: A busy dining room presents several challenges to the staff, too, such as:

  • Getting residents seated
  • Placing orders from a diverse menu
  • Ensuring the kitchen receives special preparation instructions
  • Splitting tickets for a large table of residents
  • Accepting various forms of payment
  • Meeting residents’ needs in a timely fashion

Senior Living POS

The FullCount senior living POS system simplifies orders, transactions, and special requests to reduce common problems during rush periods—and make the dining experience more enjoyable for both your residents and your staff. Not only that, but the software can be customized to augment your particular services.

FullCount can help restore order to your dining room with flexible options such as:

  • Customized menu organization ensures that meal selections are easy to find. The automatic menu cycling feature displays the items that are available for a particular meal. These features allow your wait staff to process orders quickly and seat residents promptly.
  • Orders entered on FullCount are sent directly to the kitchen, bar, or other service area via requisition printing. That helps your staff can process orders quickly and without error.
  • Additional capabilities help staff cash out residents quickly—even if a large group is requesting separate tickets and offering different forms of payment.

The best outcomes of using FullCount during the dinnertime rush: When orders and purchases are processed more efficiently, it lessens everyone’s stress—and frees up more time to interact with residents.

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FullCount can be used in any department and for any type of purchase, charge, or transaction.