Digital Seniors and Solving Loneliness


As we age, our ability to connect with the people we love decreases.

Distance, the need to travel, physical limitations and economics hinder our ability to connect with meaningful people in our lives.

In fact, 43% of Seniors experience loneliness on a regular basis1.

And the impacts are damaging.

Loneliness has been linked to a higher risk of physical and mental conditions:

Overall, a 45% increased risk of mortality.

Loneliness is so damaging; it is equated with smoking the equivalent of 15 cigarettes a day2!

But Seniors are rapidly changing their approach to connection and Digital Seniors are leading the way.

Digital Seniors are fighting loneliness with various new apps/tech:

We reviewed these products and found the major pros and cons for each of them.

Similar to some of these apps, the FullCount POS for Senior Living offers online ordering and online reservations for communities. Digital Seniors will appreciate the ability to social distance with convenience.

An interesting area of growth in Digital Seniors’ enthusiasm is for video games.

Currently, 44% of adults ages 60-69 participate in video games3.

Those 70 and older, currently 39% of Seniors play video games3.

Senior friendly online gaming apps:

List of games popular for Seniors 10 years from now:

As adults from younger demographics graduate into Digital Seniors, they will bring their love for gaming with them.

Online gaming provides a community of people that share common interests.

As Digital Seniors experience the effectiveness of new technology, they will be better equipped to win the fight against loneliness.