Keeping Tabs on Dad

Even when a parent is enjoying his new life in your senior living community, most adult children would like to occasionally—and unobtrusively—check in on his wellbeing. They may be wondering:

  • Is he regularly visiting the dining room—not only for meals, but also for the valuable social contact?
  • Is he eating enough of the right foods—and staying away from foods that could trigger an allergic reaction?
  • Is his meal account full or does it need to be funded?
  • Is he taking advantage of the “extras” at the community—getting a trim at the barbershop, grabbing coffee at the bistro, or even getting a massage at the spa?

Of course, your resident’s adult children are welcome to call the senior living community for an update, but if they’re seeking information on a weekend or after hours, it’s preferable to offer them an option that’s convenient to their schedule.

The FullCount senior living software system offers a Resident Self-Service portal that allows your residents and family members to quickly check in on the status of their account. In its most basic function, FullCount can provide the balance of your residents’ accounts and detailed summaries of account activity to eliminate end-of-month surprises.

Take a closer look at the capabilities, and share them with your residents’ families. Through the Resident Self-Service portal, adult children can:

  • Monitor the menu items their parent has selected to see if the resident is making healthful choices. If the parent’s selections could be improved, the adult child has enough information to contact your community’s dietician and discuss his or her concerns. The FullCount program also can be configured to flag dietary issues so that the waiter can suggest alternative options.
  • Review the account balance at any time, adding money if necessary as well as tracking account activity—such as a sudden increase or decrease in purchases. If there is a question about an account balance, the program can generate a detailed report that reflects the residents’ transaction activity in all areas of your community.
  • Check how frequently the resident is going to the dining room, the café and bistro, and the many other service amenities offered in your community. This provides adult children with a snapshot of their parent’s activity level.

Your community can market these as a value-added service for both residents and their families. The convenient FullCount Resident Self-Service portal enhances opportunities for communication between all parties—and allows you to demonstrate complete transparency in your community’s operation.

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