Meeting Mealtime Needs

The secret to a long, healthy life might be found in your community’s dining room. Meeting mealtime needs provide the foundation for good health—but not every diet is the same.

Many seniors have special dietary needs or allergies that need to be taken into consideration at mealtime. If these restrictions aren’t communicated well—through an ordering error, an accidental omission, or the resident’s lack of knowledge about recipe ingredients—it can cause problems for your residents and your staff.

Your community does everything it can to help maintain residents’ health, but keeping track of dozens of individual dietary restrictions is challenging, even for the most skilled and diligent teams.

Enter FullCount.

The FullCount point-of-sale (POS) system has the functionality to display important resident information, including dietary alerts that are crucial during the ordering process.

When your residents swipe a community ID, security card, key fob, or magnetic stripe card, the FullCount system calls up the individual’s profile and provides information such as:

  • The resident’s name and photo. This enables your staff members to greet individuals by name. This small thing has a big payoff: an increased level of personal interaction between your residents and your staff.
  • Dietary alerts. Each profile can be edited to include an alert that lists dietary instructions from a doctor or an adult child. Your wait staff can use this information to suggest healthier choices.
  • Allergy alerts. The profile alerts wait staff to a resident’s potentially dangerous food allergy, such as shellfish or peanuts.

This FullCount capability is extremely marketable to residents and adult children alike. With your wait staff’s guidance, it becomes easier for residents to make healthy meal choices—and provides adult children with valuable peace of mind about their parents’ care in your community.

If you are looking for the best POS system for senior living that is capable of meeting mealtime needs, streamlining service, and ensuring residents dietary needs are meet, then contact us today!