Flexible Payments, Better Notifications, & Exciting Updates from FullCount

In our continuous effort to evolve alongside the senior living industry, we’re thrilled to share a series of updates from our latest release. Our aim is to enhance the functionality and flexibility of our solutions, ensuring they meet the diverse needs of our clients and their communities. Here’s what’s new:

New Credit Card Integration Options

We’ve expanded our credit card processing capabilities by integrating with Fiserv. This integration introduces more flexibility in payment processing hardware, allowing communities to choose between Ingenico or Clover terminals that are tailored to their specific needs.  

Streamlined Reservation Notifications

Responding to community feedback, we’ve introduced email notifications for reservation confirmations, updates, and cancellations. The system allows for multiple staff users or groups to be notified, enhancing operational efficiency and community engagement.

Reservation confirmation

Simplified Employee Access to Resident Portals

To streamline employee access to the customer portal and online ordering, you can now populate login IDs via our employee ADT integration, automating the ID entry process to grant easier portal access for employees.

Wellzesta SSO

Single Sign On is now available for Wellzesta customers to utilize. Residents seamlessly navigate from Wellzesta to the FullCount Resident Portal with the click of a button to view account information and interact with features such as Online Ordering and Reservations, when applicable.