Future Date Ordering

FullCount is excited to unveil our latest feature, Future Date Ordering, designed to enhance the dining experience for our customers. This new capability allows orders to be placed in advance through both the Customer Portal and Self-Service platforms, providing greater flexibility and convenience.

How it Works

Future Date Ordering enables customers to schedule their meal orders for upcoming dates, whereas the previous system that only allowed same-day orders.

Customer Portal Enhancements

The Customer Portal now features a Scheduled Orders Page:

scheduled orders

Customers will see a new “Scheduled” tab on the orders page, allowing them to view all upcoming orders.

This page is accessible even if the community isn’t set up for future ordering, displaying orders placed for later in the day via the Customer Portal.

Residents can view and even modify and cancel orders under specific parameters. All future date orders will be processed on the morning of the requested date.

Cart and Order Confirmation:

order confirmation

The requested date will be displayed in the order header for easy order detail confirmation.  Additionally, the order confirmation page now includes a button to access the scheduled orders page directly.

Future Date Ordering streamlines meal planning, making it easier for customers to enjoy their dining experience without the constraints of same-day ordering. We’re excited to bring this innovative feature to our communities and look forward to your feedback.

order submitted

Watch this quick video to see how easy it is to order ahead with FullCount!

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