Process Mode

FullCount’s Process Mode was custom designed to streamline tray service operations for senior living communities. By utilizing this feature, you can take multiple orders at once, place them on hold until ready to prepare the food, and then process at one time. This eliminates the need for manual entry and helps to reduce errors in the ordering process.

Process mode is a user-friendly interface that allows residents’ orders to be entered quickly, often via a tablet, and recorded for the whole day. For example, a community goes to each resident’s room in the morning to take their order for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is no need to write down these orders and then process later in FullCount. The user simply takes the orders in the resident’s room for the whole day and enters it in real time. When it is time to process the orders for a specific meal, a user can select the orders and send them to the kitchen with a single click. In addition to sending the orders to the kitchen, this process also closes the orders, reducing the time and effort required to manage the orders.

FullCount’s Process Mode provides a convenient and efficient way for senior living communities to manage their tray service. By automating the ordering process, communities can save time and reduce the risk of errors, making the overall operation more streamlined and efficient.

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