Resident Portal: A Game Changer in Your Dining Room 

A key feature of a comprehensive, Point of Sale system for senior living is a resident portal. FullCount’s portal is designed to enhance the lives of senior living operators and residents. With the integrated portal, your residents can make dining reservations, view menus, place orders online, and check account information quickly and easily.

The online ordering feature within the portal includes a customizable menu, allowing you to easily update and manage offerings. These menus are drawn from the same user-friendly menu management system utilized for your dining room, with customizable settings giving you full control of what, when, and how residents order from the platform.

The reservation feature makes dining more convenient for residents and increases efficiency and profitability for your team. You can better predict and plan for busy times and streamline the overall dining process. The feature is fully integrated, which means that all reservations are automatically added to the system in real-time and can be managed from a variety of platforms.

Another benefit of FullCount’s resident portal is its ability to track customer preferences and history. This allows dining managers to provide a more personalized dining experience for residents and can also help with menu planning and marketing efforts. 

At the core of FullCount’s resident portal is the personalized account reporting. Your residents can access their account balance information and transaction history at any time, saving your team hours each week answering questions and printing balances.

FullCount continues to push development to meet the current needs of senior living operators and residents. We recently released an updated version of the resident portal – now mobile friendly. And you will soon be able to feature beautiful pictures of your dishes within your online ordering menus. (A sneak peek below!)

Overall, FullCount’s resident portal is a valuable tool for senior living operators looking to enhance the dining experience for their residents. Its convenience and integration with the Point of Sale system make it an essential part of any senior living dining operation.