Self-Serve Technology Improves Quality of Life

Imagine the difference it would make if your residents could shop for their daily necessities with ease and convenience, right from their own senior living community. No more long lines or crowded stores. With the advent of self-serve technology, this is now possible.

365 Retail Markets, a parent company of FullCount, specializes in self-serve products that revolutionize the shopping experience. By combining 365’s experience and powerful breadth of product offerings with FullCount’s self-serve options, you can make shopping easy for residents living in your community.

365 Retail Market’s mission is to make shopping more convenient and accessible for customers. Their self-serve options include vending machines, micro-markets, and self-checkout kiosks. These products have been successfully implemented in a variety of settings, such as offices, universities, and airports in order to make shopping quick and simple.

Self-serve products can be particularly useful in senior living communities. With FullCount’s self-serve kiosks, seniors can easily purchase the products they need without having to wait in long lines or navigate crowded stores. The highly configurable system automatically manages off/on plan billing, can accept other forms of payment, and works from the same platform as the standard FullCount system.

FullCount’s self-serve kiosks bring a multitude of benefits to a senior living community, including convenience and accessibility. With large, easy-to-read buttons and intuitive navigation, seniors can easily find the products they need without assistance. This can greatly enhance the shopping experience for seniors.

While improving the experience for your residents, you will increase revenue by implementing self-serve technology. Quickly and easily review sales data, so items can be stocked and priced appropriately. Having in-demand products easily accessible results in increased sales and revenue for the community.

Lastly, FullCount’s self-serve kiosks improve community life by providing a sense of independence and autonomy to your residents. They can shop for the products they need, when they want, at their own pace, which can greatly enhance their quality of life. 

Overall, the partnership between 365 Retail Markets and FullCount offers a unique opportunity to bring the convenience and accessibility of self-serve technology to your community. Take advantage of the combined experience for valuable insights and best practices for your senior living community while implement self-serve technology.

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