Senior Living – The Benefits of Automation

Facing a 15-20 year labor shortage, senior living executives are learning to embrace automation in their operations and encouraging the uptake of automation technologies by their residents. Here’s a sampling of some opportunities to drive down labor usage in your community.

Online Ordering

Residents can order from their room.

Orders conveniently print out right in your kitchen.

Easy-to-use interface guides residents through online activity.

Staffing needs fall, which lowers labor costs.

Can be integrated into existing community portals.

Self Service Kiosks

A self-order kiosk puts the resident in control of their ordering and payment in the dining room.

Alleviates wait times and sends orders to the kitchen instantly.

Eliminates mistakes that a server could make when taking an order.

Communities can save on labor costs and redistribute labor to other duties.

Table-Side Tablets

Servers take orders with a POS-enabled tablet in hand.

Servers enter orders table-side in real time, limiting potential mistakes.

Tickets print instantly to the kitchen.

Tablet capabilities:

  • Displays resident profiles
  • Displays resident preferences
  • Displays resident allergies and dietary restrictions
  • Displays meal plan and balance information
  • Easily splits bills

Online Reservations

Customizable reservations to fit your community’s guidelines.

Lower peak labor needs by smoothing out rush periods.

Give residents a sense of control and ease.

Can be integrated into existing community portals.

Resident Portal

Give your residents convenient online access to account information and reduce in person balance checks.

Free up accounting staff and improve productivity.

Securely deliver account information to reduce surprises.

Easily integrates with other host portals.

Self Service, Stores, Bistros, and Bars

Residents can grab a quick snack, scan a barcode/mag stripe, and be on their way.

Self-service bar: Residents load their RFID card then fill their beer or grab a bottle of wine quickly and easily.

Self-service reduces the need for staff which lowers labor costs. 

Outsourcing Service Providers

Why outsource:

Outsourcing is a common and effective strategy used to enhance performance, improve hiring and training, increase staff retention, all while allowing organizations to focus on their key mission.

Expertise provided by a reputable external partner can deliver measurable value such as increasing your community’s RevPAR.

Areas for outsourcing:

Food Service

Senior Living communities aren’t centered around food service.

Outsourcing dining services allows for the delivery of a high-quality dining experience that improves meal management.

Hiring food providers that are passionate about the food and quality of service they offer know how to deliver top-notch hospitality.

Therapy Services

Rehab and therapy services are widely outsourced by providers.

83.3% reporting they use vendors for these services.1

Outsourcing rehabilitation services saves on the labor costs of hiring a full-time team of physical therapists.


Programs are designed specifically to meat community’s goals.

Knowledgeable team members are well-versed in proper cleaning protocols and hospitality-driven, resident-focused communication techniques.

Solid hospitality training and development knowing that a very important relationship for residents is with their housekeeper.

A strong support network provided to ensure housekeeping team has the resources needed to execute successful program from day one.


Having the extra hands and support for your team to ensure problems get solved.

Let someone else take care of your security, controlled access systems, phones, wireless placement and more.

Ensure resident and staff data is protected.

Professionally outsourced IT can expose risks, identify gaps, and help report your HIPAA and Risk Assessment data to authorities.


Outsourcing a marketing team is a great way to increase occupancy at your community.

Marketing professionals are already trained and ready to focus solely on your level of care (independent living).

They will partner directly with executive directors and board members to create senior living marketing solutions that help communities stimulate sales and grow occupancy.

Outsourcing service providers in a Senior Living community allows for the reduction of labor usage and makes operations easier to manage.

To learn more about how automation can help your community solve the labor shortage, click here to go to our Cost Benefit Analysis tool.

You’ll get a custom calculation of the labor and money you can save using the FullCount Senior Living Point of Sale system.