Future Date Ordering

order submitted

FullCount is excited to unveil our latest feature, Future Date Ordering, designed to enhance the dining experience for our customers. This new capability allows orders to be placed in advance through both the Customer Portal and Self-Service platforms, providing greater flexibility and convenience. How it Works Future Date Ordering enables customers to schedule their meal…

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A Smarter Way to Manage Dining in Senior Living

Are you looking for a way to simplify mealtime logistics and improve resident satisfaction in your senior living community? Implementing an online ordering system might be the solution you need. A prime example of this technology in action is seen through the experiences of communities that have adopted FullCount’s online ordering feature, where residents can…

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Senior Living Food & Beverage  

Technology throughout the senior living food & beverage industry is becoming increasingly competitive.  How do operators decide what options fit best within their community? When considering adopting new technology, most operators ask themselves, “How will this help us achieve operational excellence, while mitigating the challenges we’re currently facing?”  In order to solve these problems, it is…

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2023 Senior Living Dining Trends

Shift from Comfort to Variety, Interrupted  As an unexpected side effect of COVID-19, senior living residents began requesting comfort foods more often. In the face of daily unknowns, they craved the familiarity offered by comfort food. With a ‘new normal’ emerging, residents are settling in and requesting broader food options again. In response, operators are…

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Meeting Mealtime Needs

The secret to a long, healthy life might be found in your community’s dining room. Meeting mealtime needs provide the foundation for good health—but not every diet is the same. Many seniors have special dietary needs or allergies that need to be taken into consideration at mealtime. If these restrictions aren’t communicated well—through an ordering…

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A Trick to Senior Living Dining

Order with Tablet

What is it? Simply put, it’s a touch screen. Your community can take orders with a Point of Sale enabled tablet in hand. Servers can enter orders tableside in real time, limiting potential mistakes. Print instantly to the kitchen before leaving the table. What the touch screen tablet is capable of: FullCount’s tablet provides a…

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Keeping Tabs on Dad

Even when a parent is enjoying his new life in your senior living community, most adult children would like to occasionally—and unobtrusively—check in on his wellbeing. They may be wondering: Is he regularly visiting the dining room—not only for meals, but also for the valuable social contact? Is he eating enough of the right foods—and staying…

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Senior Living Dining: Two Key Features

Senior living reservations

Does your senior living dining room get hectic during rush hour? Peak mealtimes can be stressful for both residents and employees, especially if you’re short staffed. How to solve this? Integrate Online Ordering and Reservations. Online Ordering benefits: Reservation Portal benefits: See how residents can utilize Online Ordering and Reservations in your senior living dining…

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