FullCount’s Monthly Stats: January 2024

In our most recent FullCount “Team Bash,” our data team shared what was trending for FullCount customers in January 2024. They uncovered some facts that are as informative as they are entertaining, so we wanted to share. Let’s take a look!

How many Online Orders did FullCount customers make in January 2024?
Answer: 62,271

That’s a whole lot of convenience! This number is a testament to our expanding digital footprint and how our solutions are supporting operational flexibility. With a seamless online ordering system, resident satisfaction and staff productivity have the potential to skyrocket.

Point of Sale for Senior Living dining room ordres

What was the busiest day for orders?
Answer: 122,519 total orders on Wednesday, January 31

Midweek madness, anyone? This peak shows FullCount’s reliability during high-traffic times, ensuring customer satisfaction. This number includes all orders placed via the robust platform with flexible functionality across online ordering, Touchscreen, Back Office, and self-serve.

Senior Living Point of Sale dining orders

What hours were the busiest for orders?

Answer: 11:00am – 11:59am CST.

Rush hour is real! Efficient order processing means senior living communities can handle lunch and dinner time surges with ease. To learn how your senior living community can do the same, click here.

These numbers are a testament to the ongoing commitment to enhancing the quality of life within senior living communities. Each figure represents a step forward in delivering outstanding care and convenience for staff and their residents. With every piece of data, we’re not just tracking growth; we’re charting our collective progress towards creating more connected and efficient senior living experiences. Here’s to embracing innovation and nurturing the well-being of residents every step of the way!